A set of technological solutions for the shift to sustainable future

The Challenge

Esgian is a Norway based startup company developing analytics tools for companies across the offshore industry. WDF agency became a key technology partner for the last 5 years and developed various products related to offshore activities. Our DEV team including Project Managers is delivering version releases every two weeks in tight cooperation with product teams located in Norway.

What we did

  • UX/ UI Design
  • agile development flow(connected to product teams)
  • centralized backend with administration and rest API
  • web frontend apps(6 dedicated products)
  • mobile app
  • QA and version control


  • Product concept

    We will have a lot of questions here. Ideally, we should understand what problems your tool is solving, who is your typical customer and other details. As for the output, we will design your online product from A to Z. Within this milestone, we will deliver a functional prototype explaining the whole user experience, a technical document that will describe any additional logic, and a final design system defining rules related to the user interface.

  • MVP
    and launch

    A minimal viable product version should be the minimum that can be launched in the production environment and will be able to fulfill the purpose of the product. We will take the output from the analysis and will start the implementation work. Whole development infrastructure and processes will be created within this step and will be useful even for further development in the future.

  • Post-launch

    Ideally, we should not stop with the MVP launch. The team will be deeply involved in the project so it is a great opportunity to keep the progress at the same speed and start agile development of any new features and improvements the product will need. We will need to agree on the team size, team velocity, and appropriate monthly budget. Typically, we are working in 2 weeks sprints and deploy a new version at the end of each one of them.

Testing + feedback



Colors & Typography



Come in for a cup of coffee

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