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Czech football club app.

When the football club FC Viktoria Plzen contacted us we were really excited, because we could cooperate on a project that combines two our passions. Development & Sport. Our goal was to create native application for fans of one of the most famous football clubs in the Czech Republic. The app contains various functions and high-tech innovations, which became a reality thanks to close cooperation with Cisco and their hardware support.

What we did?.

We created and developed an application in the React Native technology for the club‘s fans, but also with the special features available to the stadium visitors. Working on this app, we've focused on clear interface for users, so they can really easy find the information they need.

FC Viktoria Mobile App

Stay in touch with your favourite team.

We synchronise and push all the news about the stadium and about the football club into the app. The Victoria Plzen Application is also connected with the social media channels and uploads the feed with recent posts. As a fan you will never miss any information thanks to a custom notifications. The administrator can create a notification that alerts you about ticket sales, various events, or new articles.

Free Wifi & Navigation.

We have already mentioned that we have cooperated with Cisco on this project. Thanks to their hardware, all the stadium visitors can use the Wi-Fi connection for free. Another great feature coming out of on this cooperation is the onsite navigation we’ve developed and integrated into the app. With this feature visitors can navigate directly to the individual sectors, refreshment stalls or toilets.

All you need in one app.

Users can display the map of the stadium, navigation, results of the matches, scores, players profiles or football news. Using the application, you can also buy a ticket, upload your season ticket via a QR code or even watch live matches.

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